Henan Installation Debuts at China International Glass Exhibition for the First Time

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From April 25th to April 28th, the Glass Fiber Engineering Division of Henan Installation Group, together with its core team and advanced construction technology representative of the glass fiber production line, participated in the 33rd China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition held in Shanghai and achieved a complete success.

According to incomplete statistics, the exhibition booth of the group company attracted thousands of visitors to the reception desk for consultation, and nearly a thousand customers (potential customers) visited the booth for in-depth conversations. What is particularly valuable is that we have frequent contacts and exchanges with foreign clients. Through these exchanges, more than ten foreign clients are interested in further maintaining contact with us and striving to establish cooperative relationships.

This exhibition showcased some models of glass and fiberglass production lines, which aroused great interest from the audience present and attracted waves of domestic and foreign visitors to stop, observe, research, and consult. It allowed visitors from all over the world to have a more comprehensive understanding of fiberglass production lines and highly praised the technical level of the group company in the construction of fiberglass production lines. Many viewers also come to visit, take photos, and check in through social media platforms such as Moments.

By leveraging the Glass Exhibition, the most commercially valuable exhibition, technology exchange, and business negotiation platform in the glass industry, we have demonstrated the professional capabilities of the group company to the industry. We will continue to work with colleagues and partners at home and abroad to gather innovative momentum, accelerate the development of new production capacity, jointly shape the value of the glass fiber industry, and open up a better future.

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