The first hoisting of the steel box girder of the pedestrian overpass in Xingyang section of Jiaoping Expressway has been successful

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On April 28th, the hoisting of the steel box girder for the pedestrian overpass of the Xingyang section of Jiaoping Expressway, which was constructed by a metal structure company, was successfully completed.

It is reported that the overpass is located 600 meters east of the main bridge of Zhaocun Interchange on Jiaoping Expressway, and is a subsidiary project of the interchange. It spans the S312 Yellow Expressway, with a span of 45.5 meters and a bridge deck width of 4 meters. The total weight of the steel structure is about 160 tons. After receiving the entry instructions from the command center, the metal structure company quickly organized personnel, materials and other elements to enter the site on April 23rd, poured the foundation on April 24th, installed the brackets on April 27th, and completed the lifting work of the overpass on April 28th.

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