The arch of the D-line melting furnace in Guangxi Xinfuxing Phase II has been successfully closed

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On the morning of April 26, 2024, the D-line furnace arch of the Xinfuxing Phase 1-2 project in Guangxi was successfully closed. Wang Benyu, Chairman of Guangxi Xinfuxing Silicon Technology Co., Ltd., and Li Feng, Project Manager, attended the locking ceremony.

At 10:58, firecrackers rang out at the locking of the D line furnace. As the chairman of Party A, Wang Benyu, swung a rubber hammer high and fell, the last arch brick merged with the furnace as a whole. The locking of the D line furnace's large arch in the second phase of Xinfuxing was successful.

Although the local scorching sun was scorching, just like the hearts of the people at the lockdown site, they were extremely excited. The successful locking of the D-line kiln marks the official conclusion of the Guangxi Xinfuxing 1-2 CD line project. The Xinfuxing Phase II project has experienced severe cold and heat since its construction began. The construction site has high temperatures and a small area, and various construction units are working together, which has had a significant impact on the project construction. From the beginning of construction, the project department attaches great importance and actively organizes excellent construction teams. Through the unremitting efforts of all employees in the project department, the current construction task has been successfully completed, laying a solid foundation for the smooth ignition of the D-line furnace.

In the future construction process, all personnel of the Guangxi Xinfuxing Phase II project will continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work of the group company, and with higher fighting spirit, invest in the next stage of construction tasks to ensure the quality and quantity of the Phase II D-line furnace, and smoothly start production according to the nodes.



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