The C line of Wuhu Xinyi Jiangbei Photovoltaic Cover Plate (B) Project was successfully ignited

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At 9:28 am on September 28, 2023, the furnace of Line C of Wuhu Xinyi Jiangbei Photovoltaic Cover Plate (B) Project was successfully ignited. Attending the ignition ceremony were Xu Xiaoming, General Manager of Xinyi Wuhu Photovoltaic Company, Zhao Chunyu, Deputy General Manager, Zhang Ming, Chief Consultant, Xie Bangrong, Chief Engineer, Zhao Yingke, Deputy Chief Engineer of Xinyi Glass Research Institute, and Cui Shuaiqiang, Project Manager of Wuhu Jiangbei Project in the Glass Fiber Engineering Business Unit. As the on-site commander counted down ten seconds and shouted the ignition command, they pressed the ignition button together, and thunderous applause rang from the scene.

The ignition of the C-line kiln was the second major construction milestone of the project after the D-line ignition on September 8th. The project leader meticulously organized the project, and the management personnel overcame difficulties, arranged the plan backwards, grasped the nodes, and adjusted the work surface in a timely manner. They led everyone to work overtime, catch up with the construction period, and focus on safety, working together to strive for progress and ensure quality. The ignition of the C-line kiln is a victory, a hope, and a booster for the project's annual goal of achieving five goals and six goals. It is also a true portrayal of the Henan installer's courage and ability to win tough battles. Afterwards, the project will unify its thinking, work hard and move forward towards the overall goal of the group company.

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