The Junhe Yungu project has been awarded the title of "Luoyang City Safety and Civilization Standardization Demonstration Site"

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Recently, the Junhe Yungu · Luoyang Information Technology Port project, undertaken by the Construction Engineering Division, was awarded the title of "Demonstration Site for Safety, Civilization and Standardization of Construction Engineering in the Second Half of 2022 in Luoyang City".
Since the early planning of the Junhe Yungu project, the goal of creating a safe and civilized standardized demonstration site has been clearly defined. The company actively implements various management systems and standardized implementation manuals, completes the construction of safe and civilized construction with high standards and strict requirements, actively carries out various training and learning activities, and enhances the safety responsibility awareness of all employees; Strengthen the hierarchical control of safety risks and the construction of a hidden danger investigation and governance system, ensure the steady progress of project safety civilization standardization work, and ensure that no safety accidents occur, ultimately obtaining high recognition and praise from Party A and superior departments.
The project department will continue to strictly implement various safety management measures, improve the level of project safety management, strengthen hazard investigation and governance, strictly monitor the entire process, continue to promote standardized management of safety production and the construction of a long-term mechanism for safety production, and strive to create a standardized construction site for safety and civilization in Henan Province.

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