After nine months, the 1st production line of the Huaihua cover plate project successfully launched trial production on September 25, 2022.

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On September 27, the masonry finals of the 2nd Employee Vocational Skills Competition of the Group Company were held as scheduled in the Xinyi Jiangbei Project Department in Wuhu. Through pre-training and strict selection in the preliminary competition, 9 contestants from the Glass &Fiberglass Division finally stood out and entered the final. The final strictly refer to the municipal and provincial standards. In accordance with the principle of fairness and justice, we draw lots in order and according to work posts. It is a on-site skills competition that is completely in line with the first-class skills competition.

Before the start of the competition, Sheng Hongsheng, deputy general manager of the glass & fiberglass Division, delivered a pre-competition mobilization speech, introducing the competition time, competition requirements and rules, and referee scoring rules. He emphasizes the need to promote learning through competitions, improve the professional and technical level of employees in the form of competitions, and build a high-quality and efficient masonry team. At the same time, he wishes all the contestants to keep calm, perform exceptionally well, and achieve a good result.

When the competition officially started, the contestants started to read the drawing carefully and made alive their tools with eager hands. They put mortar in position with big shovels and scrape the excess mortar gently. The rubber hammer hit bricks with high and low sounds to adjust levelness; the tape measure is not far behind, with its body straight, measuring the geometric size; with the help of many tools, each brick is seated as if with eyes, like a soldier standing guard, in a solemn atmosphere. While the contestants were busy in a nervous and orderly manner, and the tools made colliding sounds, as if cheering for the contestants. On behalf of the vast front-line furnace builders, the contestants fully displayed their spiritual outlook and technical ability in front of the judges, and actively accepted everyone's inspection.

After more than three hours of intense competition, all the contestants completed the competition, and the competition came to an end. Fu Yongfeng, general manager of the Glass & Fiberglass Division, mentioned in the post-competition summary that the purpose of the competition was to enable employees to learn skills, exchange experiences and form a good atmosphere in the competition; At the same time, the competition promotes learning, trains elite workers, improves the skills and quality of employees, and stimulates the enthusiasm of employees to learn technology and increase skills.

Kiln masonry is the core competitiveness for the development of the glass and fiberglass technology. This competition is the first time that the group company has held such a large-scale professional skills competition for kiln masonry at the construction site in the past 30 years. To promote training, technology and improvement with competition , the Glass and Fiberglass Division of the group company has made intentional attempts and successful breakthroughs in this regard.

The 1st place is Sheng Hongjian from Zhangjiagang Xinyi Project. The 2nd is Liu Hailong from Zhangjiagang Xinyi project. The 3rd place is Li Haifeng from Wuhu Xinyi Jiangbei project. The 4th place is Chen Tao from Wuhu Xinyi Jiangbei project. The 5th place is Zhang Fugang from Anhui Flat Project.

According to the regulations of the group company competition, the labor union and human resources department of the group company have organized the above 5 winners to form a participating team, representing the group company to sign up to participate in the masonry professional competition of the Luoyang Housing and Construction System Workers Vocational Skills Competition, which is expected to be held in October. The team leaders Sheng Hongsheng and Li Jiangtao will further optimize the training program of masonry theory and practical operation, increase the intensity of practical training, and strive to achieve excellent results in the municipal competition.

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