Hand in hand with Henan University to help science and technology innovation strategy

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In the morning of April 14, 2022, based on the strategic cooperation framework agreement signed at the end of 2021, Henan Province Installation Group and Henan University held the first special video conference to discuss and exchange technical innovation and application of the lactide project and industrial internet.

President of Henan University Institute of Science and Technology, some leaders and professors of College of Chemistry, College of Computer and Information Engineering and College of Software, Vice President of Group Company Wang Zhixiang and Xie Zhongjie, Technology Center Liu Jieliang and Wang Yuning, Yu'an Metal Structure Company Zhu Jianluo and Di Yafei, and Xinghan Company He Chenxu attended the meeting.

As a national "double first-class" university, Henan University has strong academic strength, with 21 full-time and part-time academicians. Biology has been selected as a national first-class construction discipline, and seven disciplines including chemistry, materials science, engineering, environmental science and ecology have been ranked in the top 1% of the ESI world. The university has undertaken a number of national key research and development programs and major projects related to the economic and social development of our province by joining with advantageous enterprises and research institutes, focusing on the frontiers of international science and technology and major issues of economic and social development, and coordinating basic theory research, applied technology research and industrialization demonstration.

Lactide is an intermediate for the production of PLA (polylactic acid), a biodegradable material, and is an essential raw material for the production of PLA. PLA is an environmentally friendly material with good biocompatibility and biodegradability, and is one of the most mature biodegradable materials with good market prospect for industrialization. Xinghan Company has the existing 30,000 tons/year lactic acid production line, and the new high light pure polymerization grade L-lactic acid production line will be put into operation soon.The production and development of polylactic acid (PLA) is a pressing technical challenge that needs to be addressed nowadays.

Industrial Internet is a new infrastructure, application model and industrial ecology for the deep integration of new generation information and communication technology and industrial economy. By comprehensively connecting people, machines, things and systems, a new manufacturing and service system covering the whole industrial chain and the whole value chain is built, which provides a way to realize the digitalization, networking and intelligent development of industry and even industry, and is an important cornerstone of the fourth industrial revolution. Yu'an Metal Structure Company is developing towards the integration of design, manufacturing and construction, and has increased its research in the direction of industrialization and intelligence, and invested in Yichuan Intelligent Construction Base, which wants to be a smart factory that can accompany the development of industrial Internet.

The participants had a deeper understanding through technical exchanges. Both sides have the will to communicate and exchange more, to actively dock in scientific and technological research, to find the entry point where they can cooperate and win-win, to solidify and implement the strategic cooperation framework agreement.


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