No. 3 Steam Turbine Cylinder of Nanyang Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Power Plant Project Was Closed Successfully Once.

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At 11:48 on August 24, the No. 3 steam turbine cylinder of Nanyang Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Power Plant project was closed successfully once, which marked the completion of the installation of the 3 steam turbines.

The 3# unit of the Nanyang Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Power Plant Project is a 15 MW condensing steam turbine generator set, which is supplied as a complete set by Dongfang Turbine Factory. Prior to this, the project department had completed the 72+24 trial operation of 1#, 2# 2*25MW units, and the remaining work included 3#, 4# boiler trial operation, 3# steam turbine generator set, leachate station and other construction. In order to ensure the smooth realization of the 3# steam turbine cylinder closing target, the project department proactively communicated with Party A and the turbine manufacturer many times to continuously optimize the construction plan, optimize the combination of construction personnel, and try to deduction the cylinder. After one month's joint efforts by all levels of personnel, the preparation for the cylinder closing was finished on August 20. On August 23, it successfully passed the electrical quality inspection. The quality inspectors agreed that the installation was accurate and the data was complete, the construction organization was orderly, the site was clean and tidy, so the cylinder closing work can be done.

At 10:28 on August 24, the steam turbine cylinder closing work officially started. The upper cylinder of the steam turbine was slowly and smoothly hoisted. After a comprehensive inspection and confirmation by the project department and the owner, supervisor and manufacturer’s technicians, the upper cylinder was buckled in place. The No. 3 steam turbine cylinder was closed successfully once. In the process of cylinder closing, the technical personnel of the project department came to command, the safety officer monitored the whole process, the team construction personnel had the well organization, and finally achieved smooth cylinder closing.


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