The group company was awarded as the 2020 Henan Province Housing and Urban-Rural Development System "Ankang Cup" Contest Winner.

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The group company meticulously organized every unit actively participate in the 2020 "Ankang Cup" competition, and carried out a large number of activities around the theme of "strengthening awareness, investigating hidden dangers, promoting development, and guaranteeing security and health". As a result, the group company won the 2020 Henan Province Housing And Urban-Rural Development System "Ankang Cup" competition.

Through this activity, the group company's production safety responsibility system has been further implemented, and the safety awareness of all employees, especially frontline employees, has been further enhanced, which effectively guarantees the safety and health of employees in the production and labor process. Winning the "Ankang Cup" contest means that the Henan Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau and the Henan Provincial Construction Labor Union have affirmed the company's safety work. We will continue to maintain and make persistent efforts to effectively do a good job in safe production and labor protection, and further establish and improve long-term safe production, civilized construction mechanism, implement various safety production management and control measures, improve safety production guarantee capabilities, and promote the company's occupational health and safety, and civilized construction levels continuous improving.


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